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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing offers you the opportunity to promote your company or product to an audience with similar values and interests, taking advantage of the reliability and reach of influencers. With our help, you can not only significantly increase your visibility, but also build authentic and value-based relationships with potential customers.

We offer strategic advice and workshops on the effectiveness of influencer marketing.

We offer full management of our campaigns

We convert our target audience into long-term customers.

We enable our corporate clients to succeed in global markets.

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Online marketing

We strategise, create and manage your social media account to build lasting communities. Through live community management, we establish your brand on social media and build deeper relationships with your audience.

We analyse your social media presence to identify opportunities for growth.

We create creative content to increase reach and engagement and manage all social media accounts.

Through the interaction of posts and messages, we build trust on the social web.


Through our PR activities, we help our clients build and maintain positive public visibility,image and effectively communicate their messages and objectives to the audience.

We design and execute your PR campaigns tailored to your target audience.

We organize interviews and other media contents in traditional media (TV, radio, print) and online platforms.

We prepare newsletters related to any given topic and distribute it to the relevant media list or clients. We have active connections with all media in Hungary (MTI; national and regional TVs, radios, newspapers; online platforms). Additionally, we have connections to Hungarian-language media in Slovakia, Serbia, and Romania.

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Our Team

László Markó
Olga Zentai
Dániel Balog
web designer and programmer
Linda Szaladják
Google Ads advertising specialist
Bendegúz Erdős
Photographer and videographer
Bálint Szabó
Sales manager
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